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YouTube tests new non-skippable ads

標題為 YouTube 測試新型不可跳過廣告的文章的圖片image: elf me (Shutterstock)

YouTube seems to be stepping up The long war with ad blockers this week. The creators of crowdsourced ad blocker SponsorBlock have released tweet claimed on Wednesday that YouTube is experimenting with server-side ad injection. This injects ads directly into the video stream and renders many ad blockers useless.

When asked about injecting server-side ads, a Google spokesperson said in an emailed statement to Gizmodo: “YouTube is improving its performance and reliability in serving both organic and ad-supported video content.” “This update May cause a poor viewing experience for viewers who have ad blockers installed Ad blockers are against YouTube’s Terms of Service, and for some time we’ve been urging viewers to support their favorite creators and allow ads on YouTube, or try it out. Use YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience.

The introduction of server-side advertising seems to have only affected a small number of users so far, but it appears to be YouTube’s latest hit. The long war with ad blockers. as Computer beeps explains that YouTube has traditionally performed client-side ad injection, where ads and videos arrive on your desktop or mobile app respectively. Your video player is then programmed to inject ads throughout the video. Traditional ad blockers will recognize this programming and bypass it.

Some affected users took r/youtube subreddit Complain about new features. One Reddit user claimed they received 90 second non-skippable ad before each video. Others continue to share their grievancesnoticed that server-side ads play with playback controls disabled.

With server-side advertising, ads are injected into the video before it reaches your desktop or mobile app. This breaks most ad blockers and may make it difficult to watch YouTube videos if you have one installed. SponsorBlock later noted that it had set up a server to detect when server-side ads were occurring, and Reject submission to prevent damage to its database.

Google insists these ad blockers harm the YouTube ecosystem and claims the majority of ad revenue is used to pay creators. However, this is also the main way YouTube itself generates revenue. Previously, Google tortured users with ad blockers Make the video unplayable and displays a never-ending loading screen. Another time, it provided users with Immovable reminder Disable ad blocker.



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