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‘X-Men ’97’ soundtrack is turning to vinyl

X-Men 97 soundtrack album and vinyl art.

image: Mutants/Hollywood Records/Marvel Animation

Season 1 X-Men ’97 It may be over, but Disney still got some good stuff out of the show, and it’s selling it to anyone still affected mutation fever. Composers John Andrew Grush and Taylor Newton Stewart — aka the Newton Brothers — are getting their vinyl score of the season from merchandise company Mutant.

The soundtrack is spread over two discs, with a total of 40 songs almost The duo composed all music for the show. It also comes with a foldover jacket featuring the team’s artwork Fantasy City Creativitywhose previous film and television artistic credits include The fall of the House of Usher, papenheimerand last year’s Godzilla minus one. The vinyl record itself is equally colorful, with the X-Men’s main color being yellow, supplemented by blue and red, two colors reminiscent of Charles and Magneto.

“Meeting expectations is hard. Exceeding them is even harder. “X-Men ’97 Making it appear effortless in almost everything, including music. An excellent and faithful update of Ron Wasserman’s original classic X-Men: The Animated Series The Newton Brothers’ Theme… crafts a soundscape that includes huge orchestral and synth-driven cues that could easily exist any day in the future.

Full track list X-Men 97 The sheet music is below and the vinyl record is expected to be released on September 6th for $40. You can pre-order here.

Disc 1, Side 1

1. X-Men ’97 Theme

2. summer

3. Give them predictions

4. The Trial of Magneto

5. Magnus the Savior


7. Mr. Sinister

8. In hell

9. Fight or die

10 Remember who you are

11.What did you do?

Side 2

1.The fate of the X-Men

2. Betrayal or forgiveness

3. Man and Machine

4.Boss battle

5. Nightcrawler

6. Peaceful life

7. Traces of love

8. Busy Bee

9. Invasion

Disc 2, Side 1

1. A different empire

2 sisterhood

3. Galactic Peace

4.She is back

5.We need you

6. A Requiem for a Friend

7. break in

8. Time Manipulation

9. Fight for yourself

10. Adhesion time

Side 2

1. Too little too late

2. rise

3. Sentinel attack

4.Metal elbow

5. The inevitable vision

6. The odds are bad


8. You hurt me

9. Rising water levels

10. X-Men end credits

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