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Well, how many children does Elon Musk actually have?

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Last week, we reported that Elon Musk has 11 children, which seemed like a lot at the time. Unfortunately, this number seems incorrect. In fact, he has another previously unreported child, according to a source familiar with the matter. Report Bloomberg released Friday. The total number of children currently (as far as we know) appears to be 12.

Bloomberg’s report delves into Musk’s recently enacted pronatalist thought, noted that the tech billionaire has at least three children with a top executive at his neuroscience startup Neuralink. Until this week, only two of those children were known to the public. The Bloomberg report attempts to chart Musk’s father’s “activities” as follows:

he is Father At least 12 children, six of them born in the past five years, three of whom are children of musician Grimes and three of Neuralink Corp. director of special projects Shivon Zilis, including one who has not yet been Children known to the public. The child was born earlier this year, according to people familiar with the matter who asked not to be named. Zillis declined to comment, and Musk did not respond to inquiries.

At this point, Musk is like some kind of medieval king who can’t keep it in his pants, leading to an ever-increasing number of heirs and baby mamas in his domain. Seriously, how many descendants does this guy have? The Bloomberg article specifically noted that the tech billionaire’s father is “At least 12 children” (emphasis mine), which does not make it a particularly certain number.

Musk keeps telling anyone who will listen that they should have lots of kids to combat the global baby boom. Of course, it’s an easy thing to tell people when you don’t have to worry about child care costs because you are the richest man (Or, sometimes, second richest person) On Earth.

Gizmodo reached out to Neuralink and Musk for comment and will update this story if they can provide an exact number of baby Elons.



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