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Weekend Reading 6.9.24 | Centennial Style

I returned to California, rested and refreshed. Yesterday we celebrated my son’s high school graduation and today we had a BBQ with all the neighbors. This week is going to be slow because we are taking care of my niece and nephew while their mom is on retreat. I’m trying to remember how I kept the little ones busy during the summer at that age and I remember it was a challenge to get them away from the screens and out in the sun, wish me luck!

I started to watch royal palm hotel It’s on AppleTV and there are some holes in the plot but I couldn’t stop watching it just for the interior decoration and fashion, it’s awesome, all the colors and patterns of late 1960’s Palm Beach are awesome, don’t you agree?

Favorite link:

this Florida Oceanfront Homes Light wood and green tones are layered.

this comfortable bedroom Full of rustic charm.

Backyard Target: Don’t Miss It This yard renovation.

I love the unique blue kitchen cabinets this beach house.

This charming 750 sq. ft. Brooklyn apartments.

this Colorful bungalow In San Francisco.

If you like a variety of colors and patterns, you’ll love this This trip home to Sussex.

Four tested methods Remove wallpaper.

If you’re looking for a new podcast, this comment thread There are some suggestions.

99 Travel Tips Help simplify your summer vacation.



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