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US Surgeon General says social media needs warning labels like cigarettes

US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy says social media should emerge with warning label,write on New York Times Social media is a “significant contributor” to the youth mental health crisis. Last year, he issued a consultation making similar arguments, saying social media posed “serious risks” to young people’s mental health. In his latest op-ed, Murthy cites research linking increased social media use to an increased risk of anxiety and depression, as well as a survey showing that nearly half of teens said “social media makes them My body feels worse.”

He also points out that warning labels alone won’t make social media safer – I mean, people still smoke – but will help better inform everyone. “There are no seatbelts for parents to buckle, no helmets to snap on…just parents and their children, trying to figure things out on their own, competing against some of the best product engineers and most resourceful companies in the world. “

However, he will need the support of Congress to achieve this goal. Cooperation in American politics has been uncommon in this decade. Recently, however, there has been bipartisan support for limiting the power of tech companies—just look at the TikTok saga.

— Matt Smith

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Tik Tok

Oh, speaking of the devil. TikTok has announced the launch of new AI-created digital avatars for creators and brands on the app.

According to TikTok, AI characters should make it easier for creators and businesses to create branded content that has a “human feel” — even if that human feeling is an uncomfortable stranger staring at you at the bus stop across the street. look. There are two types of avatars: stock avatars based on paid actors and customized avatars based on existing creators and brand endorsers. As Carissa Bell says, they give M3GAN atmosphere. At the very least, the company’s own rules require such content to have significant disclosures.

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Logitech has launched a mixed reality stylus for the Meta Quest headset, but not the Quest Pro. MX Ink can help users create more precise designs and illustrations – although I’m not sure how many professional-level artists are using consumer-level VR headsets… but hey, maybe it will give Sony some competition.

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Nikon’s $2,500 Z6 III has the world’s first “partially stacked” 24.5 megapixel (MP) sensor. This allows for high-speed shooting in RAW video and features such as faster autofocus and photo and movie modes. Simply put, better than the Z6 II from a few years ago. So, uh, what is a partially stacked sensor? They’re rare (and expensive), having so far only appeared on Sony’s A1 and Nikon’s own Z8 and Z9. Circuitry covers the entire sensor, so it can read pixel data faster than a conventional CMOS sensor. On the Z6 II, the circuitry only covers the top and bottom of the sensor. Therefore it is faster than a regular CMOS sensor but cheaper than a stacked sensor.

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