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Turn off the music, baby, and head to our Doctor Who spoilers section

The Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby Sunday in Doctor Who.

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new season doctor who It’s always been a big deal, but this one had so much more anticipation behind it.between Nuti Gatwa’s The Fifteenth Doctor and his return Russell T. DavisThe sci-fi series promises to usher in a bold new era, premiering two episodes on Disney+ on Friday.

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last year Christmas Special We’re given a look at Gatwa’s thoughts on the Doctor, as well as the dynamic between him and his new companion Ruby Sandy (Milly Gibson).Our pair of opening episodes made the pair two classics World Health Organization Adventure: In “Space Babies,” the Doctor and Ruby discover a group of talking babies on an abandoned ship that’s also home to a monster on the lower deck. In Devil’s Chord, they travel back to 1963 and must ensure that the Beatles continue to record music, lest history be changed forever.

Ruby goes into space for the first time! | Preview | Space Babies | Doctor Who

We’ll have a recap/review of both episodes on Monday, May 13th, but in the meantime, let us know what you thought of “Space Babies” and “Devil’s Chords” in the comments below. Do these episodes set the stage for the new season, or do they create a strange atmosphere for the next six weeks?

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