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Tomatoes are sold on a “non-profit” basis at the rythu market: NTR Collector

District Collector S. Dilli Rao said that in view of the rise in tomato prices, the marketing department has procured vegetables in bulk from Chittoor and sold them at the rythu bazaar in Vijayawada for the benefit of the public without making any profit.

He discussed the rising cost of vegetables with other officials at a meeting held at the Vijayawada Collection Committee on Thursday, June 20. Joint Collector P. Sampath Kumar was also present.

Marketing officials told The Collector that this year’s harvest was quite low due to extreme temperatures, adding that this happens every year.

To overcome this problem, the marketing department provided revolving funds to each region. With this fund, through market intervention, vegetables can be purchased at low prices where they are available and supplied to consumers through the rythu market “without loss or profit.”

The price of a kilogram of tomatoes has increased from Rs 60 to Rs 88 at Chittoor market, officials told Collector, adding that they will continue to offer the vegetable at rythu bazaars until prices stabilize. The collector also inquired about the prices of other vegetables.



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