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Things to know before Amazon’s July sale

Amazon Prime Day 2024 It’s coming soon, and if history is any indication, it’s going to bring discounts on everything from gadgets to clothes to household essentials. if you are a Premium Memberyou will have access to all Amazon Prime Day DealsGreat in theory, but it would undoubtedly overwhelm Amazon.com during shopping events. Engadget will be showcasing all of the best tech deals we’ve found on Amazon and elsewhere during Prime Day, but there are some important things to know ahead of time so you can get exactly what you want from this year’s event. Here’s everything we know so far about Amazon Prime Day 2024, and what to consider before the shopping event arrives.

We don’t have an official date for Prime Day 2024 yet, but we know it’s coming sometime in july. This shopping event focuses on exclusive deals for Prime members, which means you have to be a Prime subscriber on Prime Day to take advantage of most of the deals. Amazon still offers 30 day free trial New Prime subscribers, so you can start your free trial and participate in events closer to July.

If you don’t pay for Prime and have no intention of doing so, you should still check to see if Amazon has any sales for all shoppers on Prime Day – there’s always a few of them. Plus, other retailers are likely to like Target During this time, Best Buy will also be running its own Prime Day sale.

Speaking of competitors, Walmart is just declare A version of Prime Day called “Walmart+ Week” will be held from June 17 to June 23. Walmart+ Members, the retail giant seems to be taking gas and travel discounts seriously this year. Currently, you can get 20 cents off every gallon of gas purchased at ExxonMobil gas stations, and you can get 20% Walmart cash back on travel accommodations through Walmart+ Travel. However, that’s not to say we won’t see discounts on other items, including electronics, during Walmart Prime shopping events.

Amazon Prime Day usually lasts two days, but in past years, the company started rolling out deals long before the event actually started. We expect the same to happen this year, with early Prime Day deals likely to begin once Amazon officially announces the 2024 Prime Day date.

Whether it’s early Prime Day deals or sale days, amazon gadgets It will almost certainly be sold during the event. You can safely bet that items like Echo speakers, Kindle e-readers, and Fire TV devices are available at record low prices during Prime Day, so if you have your eye on one of these items, wait for these The offer is worth it. Prime Day discounts only match Black Friday, so while that means you may still have a chance to get a smart speaker for dirt cheap, it might not happen until the holiday shopping season.

Amazon gadgets won’t be the only items on sale for Prime Day. You’ll find clothes, shoes, homewares, appliances, accessories and more on sale, but here at Engadget, we naturally focus on electronics. We expect this year’s Prime Day to be like last year’s, with deep discounts on headphones, earbuds, gaming accessories, SSD and microSD cards, robot vacuums, and more.

Also worth mentioning are the types of deals you can expect to see on Prime Day. Some offers will last for the entire duration of the event (usually two full days), while others will only last 24 hours. These are the hardest to predict, as Amazon typically doesn’t give any indication of how long a particular sale will last. Our advice is to buy your favorite items immediately when you see them on sale, this will ensure you get it while it’s on sale and while it’s still in stock.

You can also expect to see some “flash deals” during Prime Day. Thankfully, these are usually clearly marked with the remaining time to get the deal noted on the product page. In our experience, only a few of these flash sales are truly worth the money, but if you find that an item on your wish list is on sale for just a few hours, it’s in your best interest to buy it now.

It’s best to be as prepared as possible when attending Amazon Prime Day; that means knowing exactly what you want so you can stay focused and avoid distractions. The entire Amazon site will be busy during Prime Day, so the less time you spend browsing aimlessly, the more your wallet will thank you later.

One thing you can do to stay on track during Prime Day is make a list of your favorite items before the event. It takes some preparation, but once the event arrives, you’ll be grateful you did. Take note of the most important items you want to buy on Prime Day. You can do this the old-fashioned way on a sticky note, or you can use Amazon’s wish list feature. For the latter, add the items you want to buy on Prime Day to your wish list (or better yet, make a dedicated wish list containing just your Prime Day wishes) and return during the shopping event the list. Not only can you have all the items you want in one place, but you can also see which of them are cheaper on Prime Day than when you originally added them to your list.

It is also recommended to use a price tracker to ensure you are getting a decent deal. Similar sites camel camel camel camel camel Lets you monitor the price of specific items on Amazon. You can view price history charts or create your own price drop alerts to receive emails when items you want are on sale. CamelCamelCamel also has some browser extensions available for download so you don’t have to leave the Amazon product page to view its price history.

Engadget will cover Amazon Prime Day So if you have a lot of tech on your shopping list, be sure to check back on Prime Day to check out the best tech sales we could find. We’re sure to have a variety of gadgets — from headphones to robot vacuums to gaming gear — as well as the best Anti-Prime Day deals you’ll find from other retailers. You can also follow @EngadgetDeals Twitter account and subscribe Engadget Offers Newsletter Learn about the latest discounts.

While we won’t call these sales “early Prime Day deals” just yet, they do represent some of the best deals you can get on Amazon right now while we wait for the full details of Prime Day to be revealed. We’ll update this list as prices change and we find more of the best Amazon deals you can get.




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