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The makers of Palworld team up with Sony to form a new company

maker of Strong supporter of Xbox Game Pass friend world said on Wednesday it would partner with Sony to form a new company. friend world Developer and Publisher Pocketpair declare Its new team with Sony Music Entertainment formed Palworld Entertainment, Inc. ,baby”.

The deal includes Sony Music Entertainment and animation studio and game publisher Aniplex, Inc., both part of Sony Corporation. Pocketpair says friend world Items will be available for pre-order soon at: anime online.

New website of the joint venture company describe The newly formed Palworld Entertainment, Inc. is responsible for handling friend worldlicensing business. “We are responsible for various domestic and international licensing operations of Pocketpair games. friend worldaimed at accelerating Palworld’s multifaceted development and further expanding its IP,” according to the website’s “About” section.

A press release added that the group will focus on developing its intellectual property presence and expanding its “commercial business”. In other words, there’s money to be made, and they’ll take advantage of it.

The game Palworld features sheep-like creatures hiding behind sandbags with machine guns.  Outdoor environment.

pocket pair

when friend world Launch early access version In January, many in the gaming industry speculated that Nintendo would sue it into oblivion. this game, which Sales exceeded one million copies in eight hours and Exceed There were 25 million players in the first month of launch, which is enough to reflect the influence of “Pokémon”. It includes near-1:1 likenesses of some of the long-running franchise’s creatures, which players – yes – collect and battle. But so far, The Pokémon Company has blocked its lawyers. We can only speculate as to why, but concerns about alienating fans of favorite new games or concerns about parody and fair use protections may be possible.

You can’t make up the irony of the newly formed alliance, since The Pokémon Company was a similar joint venture formed in 1998 by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures.

Palworld Entertainment said it will launch a new licensing promotion with a series of “exclusive game-based merchandise.” The joint venture will debut its new merchandise line (plush toys, perhaps?) at Bilibili World 2024, which kicks off in Shanghai, China, two days later.



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