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The incredible way Weta created ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ spoilers

When Weta’s Erik Winquist heard about Fox make another planet of the apes Movie, he was skeptical at first. “It’s presented as ‘Hey, there’s another one great ape Movie, would you be interested in doing this? I was like, ‘Oh. I have no idea. “Part of it is… where is this going to go? Because if it’s just ‘and then…’ (I’m not interested.) Caesar is dead. Where is this going?

Winquist was the visual effects supervisor on the first three films great ape movie, so he doesn’t want to do the same thing again.Thankfully, as he read more about it, he realized kingdom of the planet of the apes It’s not like that at all. “For me, the most important thing that attracted me was this idea of, when nature takes over, what are the possibilities for a world well beyond the end of human civilization?” he said. “You start imagining all these visuals in your mind, and the possibilities are fascinating. It’s a really nice, fresh, new start to a new chapter in the series.

Before the film becomes the next chapter, however, it has a crucial prologue that ties the two together, and Winquist contributes to it in ways that are both expected and very, very unexpected. (This is a minor spoiler, so here’s a warning, just in case.)

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kingdom of the planet of the apes resume almost immediately after finishing War for the Planet of the Apes Along with Caesar’s funeral, this scene immediately gave Winquist a lot to think about.

“My first thought was, ‘Oh, wow, we’re going to start this live-action movie with an all-CG scene,'” he said. “The actual characters that we saw, yeah, they were basically pulled off the shelf, from war And doing some upgrades to our later coloring and everything else we’re doing these days… making sure they’re compatible with all the latest changes being made in the pipeline and the competitions we’re in. The most important thing is the environmental aspect.

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Winquist explained that the final scene war It was filmed on set because the team was filming in Australia kingdom, he wanted to do something different. He talked to people in the location department and asked if there was a place he could go to shoot footage that would make the first scene stand out.

“I wanted the environment to be based on a real place,” he said. “They recommended to me a really great spot in the far south of New South Wales, close to the border with Victoria, on top of a ski resort there. In this almost alpine tundra landscape, there are these amazing of granite rock structures, Jack (Cenac), who has been working with us on several jobs over the years. great ape In the movie, he and I hop in the car and drive five hours south to hike to the top of a ski resort with our gear. (There) we spent an afternoon capturing (and) lidar scanning the entire landscape so we could have some material to make our digital environment so it wouldn’t pull out of our backs, and It’s based on a real place”.

So, just to clarify, no one involved in the actual filming was involved in capturing this scene? “It was actually two visual effects guys carrying gear on their backs,” Winquist said. “It’s really fun.”

(Spoilers end)

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Winquist was able to do this in part because of the relationship he developed with director Wes Ball. “This is probably the most enjoyable experience I’ve ever had in a (movie),” Winquist said. “The wonderful thing about Wes is he brings so much energy to everything in post-production. Post-processing is his favorite part (and) it definitely suits him better than the live part. That’s because he comes from a 3D animation background … So he’s our guy. We speak the same language… I heard Wes say a lot of times during this process: “Oh, I believe in you, just do what you think is right. ” Then we’d come up with something and show it, and he’d say, “That’s great.” ” So, yeah, whatever Wes does next, I’d love to be on board.

We don’t know what Wes Ball or Eric Winquist will do next, but if another one is in development great ape Shooting the movie together, we knew it would be handled well on set and visually.

kingdom of the planet of the apes Now in theaters.

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