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The AI ​​prisons of the future are just an episode of The Outer Limits

according to Prison Policy InstituteThe U.S. has a higher incarceration rate per 100,000 people than any other NATO country, and even higher than the next five members combined (Britain, Portugal, Canada, France and Belgium).

So what’s the solution? Hashem Al-Ghaili, a molecular biologist and science communicator from Yemen, claims he got this in an interview wired: Build a virtual prison instead. He’s not talking about pinning a bunch of Meta Quest 3 on prisoners’ heads for years at a time, but that’s not far from that concept either.

Al-Ghaili proposes a new neural prison system he calls Cogniify. He posted a video of his proposal for a virtual justice system on his website Instagram and YouTube channel It looks very scary.

In theory, this is how Cognify works – rather than being held long-term, prisoners are given artificial memories in a virtual environment. The system creates customized AI-generated content that is converted into visual messages and delivered to the prisoner’s brain and to parts of DNA and RNA associated with memory formation to establish long-term memory patterns.

Currently, such technology does not exist and Cognify is just a proposal. However, Al-Ghaly claims that experiments on animals prove that this process may also work in humans at some point in the future. For example, a study published in March in the journal Science nature In March, a study using mice found that memories may be formed from broken and repaired DNA strands.

Of course, if such a system is to become a reality, ethical issues and implications will need to be addressed. Al-Ghaili said Cognify could be possible within a decade, but only if “we can overcome the ethical constraints that limit the testing of such technologies.”

If that doesn’t send chills down your spine, check your wrist for a pulse. Horror anthology fans like me will definitely remember an episode from the 1990s horror reboot outer limits A show on Showtime called “The Sentence” stars a scientist played by David Hyde Pierce who invents a very similar virtual prison system that can simulate an entire life sentence in a matter of minutes. Of course, he allowed himself to succumb to his invention, which led him to believe he had committed murder and spent his life in prison. He woke up only to denounce the very system he had espoused just minutes before.

you can watch All content on YouTube free. Someone should send it to this person.



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