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The Acolyte’s new song brings Star Wars into the R&B era

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Star Wars There is a particular type of music that pervades most of its media. After John Williams, composer His film scores have been evoked through various spin-offs by the likes of Kevin Kiner, John Powell and Michael Giacchinno, such as Rogue One and Clone Wars. That was the case until recently Star Wars: Jedi Fallen and Andor have gone their separate ways to pursue their own music careers, due to acolyte.

On Friday, Disney released a single for the new show titled “The Power of Two,” featuring Grammy-winning R&B artist Victoria Monet. Written by Monet and series composer Michael Abels (best known for his work on Jordan Peele films, e.g. us and No) and producer D’Mile (Judas and the Black Messiah), a song about its two protagonists — twins May and Osha, both played as adults by Amandla Stenberg — and the slow-burning nature of the show.

Victoria Monet – The Power of Two (from “Star Wars: Acolyte”/Audio only)

It’s also unlike anything else Star Wars Music so far. Despite being owned by Disney for a decade, the franchise has still managed to avoid popular musicians from appearing in any shows or movies, which is something you can’t say single chip or Avatar. Monet is the largest and most mainstream work in the series The Mandalorian composer Ludwig Göranssonand call it added to franchised Music History.

The Power of Two can be streamed or purchased in the usual places and will feature during the episode’s credits. acolyte Late in the season. Presumably after a particularly devastating event, Osha and May resolve their issues through words or violence.

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