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Steam Summer Sale to Empty Your Bank Account

It’s that time of year again. Steam Summer Sale Has been officially launched, offering deep discounts on thousands of games and even Steam Deck. The sale runs until July 11, so you have some time to browse and fill out your wish list.

noble one Steam Deck is now available, but there are some caveats. discount Only available for LCD models, rather than the newer OLED version. In addition, the 256GB LCD is not sold. That puts the 64GB model at $300 instead of $350, and the 512GB model at $382 instead of $450. Incidentally, this makes the 64GB model the same price as the Nintendo Switch. I love Switch but it really doesn’t work Eldon Ring.

Speaking of Eldon Ring, priced at $42. good news? This is a 30% discount. bad news? Recently launched products are not selling (and extremely difficult) expansion DLC shadow of tree. That will have to wait until next year.

This isn’t the only AAA game available at a discount. Cyberpunk 2077 Half price $30, and Baldur’s Gate 3 Priced at $48, 20% off. Hard to find discounted ones Baldur’s Gate 3 Not at all, so this might be the time to finally try Game of the Year Winner 2023. Hogwarts Legacy For just $24, indie games are a hit friend world is $23, and Star Wars: Last Jedi It’s over 50% off and now on sale for $32.

There are also plenty of cheap indie darlings out there. iconic Stardew Valley $9, retro shooter cuphead It’s $14. this extremely good diver dave Also $14, 30% off. Hades It’s $10, but the sequel remains full price. Even the newly released smash hit BalateroIt is a sequel to the rogue-like poker game and is currently on sale, but the discount is only 10%.

The Steam Summer Sale includes deep discounts on some popular games. We’re talking about the realm of impulse buying here. Disco Elysium: Final Cut For only $4, this famous platformer celeste Only $2. Borderlands 2 It’s $3, castle breaker It’s $1.50, Batman: Arkham Knight It’s $2. as usual, The Witcher 3 Huge discount of $4.

If you’re like me, you’ll take advantage of this sale to snap up anything that’s been on your wish list for a while, and then it’ll go into the digital unplayed pile until the end of time. To this end, one researcher recently used SteamIDFinder’s database to calculate Unplayed Steam game account $19 billion. Let’s get to at least $20 billion by July 11th.



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