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Steam Deck built-in game recorder

While you can use a number of third-party apps and services to record Steam games, you now have a native option built directly into the Steam client. Valve launches its own game recorder In beta, yes, it also works as a local recorder steam deck. You can set this feature to start recording in the background while playback resumes, or you can set it to only start (and stop) recording when a hotkey is pressed. If you choose to record in the background, you can specify the maximum storage size of the recording. Steam will overwrite old recordings once the limit is reached.

The replay feature will allow you to watch previous clips in the Steam interface so you can see what you did wrong in case you failed a boss fight or took the wrong direction and got lost. You can even place markers beforehand to easily find clips you think you’ll want to watch later. The new feature also makes it easy to send clips from your Steam Deck to your PC or mobile device if you want to share them with friends or upload them online.

Valve says the feature will only capture footage of your gameplay, not your desktop, but it can include audio from voice chat programs. It also works with most games, even non-Steam games, as long as they support Steam Overlay. However, since this feature is still in beta, you must join the beta program to access it. Go to “Beta Participation” in the interface under “Settings”, select the beta program, and then activate the “Game Recording” option displayed in the “Settings” menu.



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