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‘Star Wars Desperados’ will tell the story of a life of crime

Popular entertainment Star Wars Desperados Players take on the role of Kay Vess, a young con artist trying to make a name for herself in the galaxy’s criminal underworld. The Empire Strikes Back and Jedi Counterattack. Doing so means completing some small job Prepare yourself mentally for this big mission and negotiate with many shadowy factions and escape from other groups who want to kill or capture Kai.

talk to entertainment weeklyCreative director Julian Gerighty delves into the studio’s efforts to make players feel like a real up-and-coming criminal Star Wars universe. At the end of the narrative, the team looks to “the great villains of the movie industry” for inspiration to shape Kay and take her all the way up. Just like the younger versions of Han and Lando we see in the movies solo, Geletti said she was “learning the ropes” and her air “comes from taking risks.” (Kay) isn’t a fully fledged villain, she’s pretending it until she makes it.

Han will be Kay’s most direct point of comparison, something her actor Humberly Gonzalez recognizes. this ginny and georgia The star admitted to looking to Han for inspiration, and Kai felt similarly about him. in a trailer Beginning in April of this year, Kai encountered Han frozen in carbonite in Jabba’s palace. González likens this moment to the passing of a baton, from one thief to another: “It’s almost like destiny. (…) You become this hero now and find peace, in this world, in To find her way in a war she didn’t want to be a part of, she just wanted to be free.

From the perspective of gameplay, outlaw The intention is to live up to the name with a reputation system covering the four factions that Kai forms a bond with in the story. Each city in the game will be populated by the Hutts, the Pike Corporation, the Ashaga Clan (made specifically for the game), the Crimson Dawn (formerly run by Darth Maul, now run by Qi’ra) solo). Accepting a job from one faction means that if you stick with it, you’ll eventually gain faction-specific rewards (such as guns or new locations), but this comes at the cost of lowering your reputation with other factions. Eventually, if you fall far enough out of favor, other groups may offer you a bounty.

If they don’t come after you, the Empire will. Like many open world games (think Greater Toronto Area or saints row), the game has six wanted levels, the more trouble you cause. “If you start committing crimes, they start coming after you,” Gerighty explained. “If you take out some of them, then things get worse and worse and they’re going to send out the ultimate level of death troopers – maybe even worse.”

Amid all this crime, Gerighty and González say the game will maintain a similar adventure tone to the original Star Wars movie or indiana jones and flash gordon. Like the best heist movies, this game aims to be fun and flighty, but equally thrilling while committing the crime. “Finding your way through the game — who you choose to befriend, who you choose to betray — you have control,” Gonzalez said. “It’s an adventure. So, get involved in the adventure.

Star Wars Desperados It will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on August 30th. A new trailer for the game will air during the Ubisoft Forward livestream on Monday, June here.

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