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Spotify now says it will refund Car Thing purchases

Spotify says it has quietly started offering refunds to users about to be bricked Car matter. Starting Friday, customers with proof of purchase, such as an emailed invoice, can contact customer service and receive a refund for their vehicle’s streaming device, the company told Engadget on Thursday.

Spotify announced last week that it would Brick all Car Thing devices on December 9, 2024. The company described its decision as “part of our ongoing efforts to simplify our product offering” (i.e. cut costs), and that it allows Spotify to “focus on developing new features and enhancements that ultimately provide a better experience for all Spotify users.”

TechCrunch Report Gen Z users on TikTok express their frustrations video, while others complained directly to Spotify in private messages on X (Twitter) or directly through customer support. Some users claimed that Spotify’s customer service agents only offered free premium access for a few months, while others were told that no one had received a refund. It was unclear whether any of them had been contacted after Friday’s change in refund methods.

Others go further. advertising billboard first report On May 28, a class action lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. That’s fair enough.

Notably, according to Spotify, the company began offering refunds last week and the lawsuit was not filed until Tuesday. If the company’s statement that refunds will begin on May 24 is accurate, the refunds are not a direct response to the legal action. (Though companies may have started offering these products in anticipation of lawsuits.)

Regardless, anyone who contacts customer service with a valid receipt should receive a refund. If you have since tried and been rejected, we recommend contact them again.



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