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Revealing the Divinity of Rama – Hindus

The young princes of Ayodhya delighted everyone while growing up and Rama was the most popular among them who impressed everyone not only because of his prowess in various fields , and mostly because of his kindness that makes him shine like the sun. One may wonder how Rama’s war against Tataka squares with Dharma, but the purity of the act is known to all, Swami Mitra Nandaji said.

The omniscient ascetic Vishwamitra requested Dasaratha to send Rama with him to help deal with the demons in the forest who were causing great harm to the yajna performed by the sage. interference. Dasaratha was very troubled because he did not dare to refuse the request of the great sage, but he was worried that Rama, who in his perception was still a child, was entrusted with such a dangerous task. Vishwamitra assured Dasaratha of Rama’s safety and further added that Rama was much more than he seemed. Sage Vasishtha also advised Dasaratha that this would be the right step in Rama’s development.

When Vishwamitra guided Rama and Lakshmana to his forest abode, they came to a dark and dreary forest where the demon Tataka roam freely and commit atrocities against the saints who live there. Vishwamitra asked Rama to kill the succubus to drive her away from the forest. Rama was reluctant to kill a woman, but Vishwamitra assured him that there was nothing wrong in killing such an impious demon who had killed many Kshatriya princes. Vishwamitra pointed out to Rama that it was his duty to protect him and that he could not yield because of any suspicion or sympathy for the people he had to conquer. Rama then defeated Tataka with his powerful arrows, ending the sufferings of the sage in the forest. This is also the moment when the divinity of Rama becomes visible to the discerning person.



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