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Real estate agent arrested for blocking ambulance due to road rage

In the early hours of Wednesday, an ambulance driver was intercepted, chased and harassed by a 43-year-old real estate agent while transporting an accident victim to NIMHANS for about 12 kilometers.

The accused, Gururaj Rao, a resident of Halasuru, also allegedly abused the police and caused a ruckus at the station when he was detained for obstructing an ambulance.

Police later discovered that Gururaj was disturbed and under the influence of alcohol when he returned home from a relative’s funeral in Tumakuru.

According to police, ambulance driver Kumar hit an accident victim named Shivaraj at the gate of Madhugiri in Tumakuru. Around 3 a.m., vehicles arrived to treat patients who were seriously injured and bleeding.

When the ambulance reached Yeshwantpur, Gururaj, who was passing by, started shouting and tried to stop the road rage. The driver of the ambulance managed to move on, which angered Gururaj who chased the ambulance and tried to block the road while abusing the driver and threatening him with dire consequences if he stopped the vehicle.

With little time left, the driver managed to reach the Wilson Gardens police station and sought help from the police to rescue them from the unruly car driver. At that time, Gururaj reached the police station and allegedly also misbehaved with the police.

Police arrested Gururaj and impounded his car to allow an ambulance to travel to NIMHANS. Even at the police station, the accused allegedly caused a disturbance, threatened police officers with dire consequences and refused to submit to a breathalyzer test.

The accused was arrested under IPC sections 353 (assault or use of criminal force on any public servant in the discharge of his duties) and 506 (criminal intimidation). He has been remanded in custody.



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