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Raichur district moves up one spot in SSLC rankings

Raichur district has improved from 31st to 30th position in the state rankings in SSLC examinations in pass rate.

Despite claims of various initiatives by the Ministry of Education, there has not been much improvement and the pass rate has been declining year by year.

Including repeaters, private and private regulars, a total of 31,188 students appeared for the exam, of which 19,087 passed, giving an overall pass rate of 61.20. With this in mind, the region ranks No. 30 in the state rankings.

According to data provided by education department officials, a total of 29,527 freshmen took the exam and 18,746 passed, giving a pass rate of 63.49.

The taluk-wise results (new students) are as follows: In Deodurga, 4,092 students were admitted, of whom 3,232 passed; in Sindhanur, 5,611 students were admitted, of which 4,363 passed; in Manvi, 5,505 students were admitted, Of these, 3,365 students passed the examination and in Lingsugur, 6,136 students appeared for the examination and 3,600 of them passed it; finally, in Raichur, 8,183 students appeared for the examination and 4,186 of them passed it.

However, the performance of individual students is still worth looking forward to. Mohammad Adil scored 618 points out of a possible 625 points to become the first in the region.

The other top players were Ramanagouda with 617 points, Mallikarjun with 616, Raghuram with 615 points, Sanjana, Bhoomika and Imran with 613 points each, Seethamma with 612 points, Manojkumar, Umme Waraqa and Anjali with 611 points out of 625 points.



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