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Prajwal Revanna case: Survivors’ expectations from state government

Prajwal Revanna, JD(S) leader.

Prajwal Revanna, JD(S) leader. | Photo credit: Prakash Hasan


survivor Alleged sexual abuse JD (S) leader and former MP Prajwal Revanna continues to remain aloof to the outside world. Although some people took the initiative to complain to the police, many refused to do so for various reasons.

Activists in contact with some survivors believe the state government has made little effort to persuade survivors to come forward with complaints.

Secrecy, a big problem

The main concern raised by survivors was confidentiality. “The victims are worried that their names will be leaked if they report the crime to the police,” said an activist who is in contact with several survivors. They have faced difficulties in their personal lives since the videos went viral.

The state government, especially the SIT police, should keep the survivors confidential and assure them that their identities will not be revealed. “If the survivors agree to report the crime, the police should ensure their safety. The survivors should be accommodated in a safe place, which can be a relative’s house or any neutral place. The police should not go to a place in uniform to avoid causing trouble in the surrounding area People pay attention,” the activist said. In addition, the police should also hire female lawyers to help survivors resolve their concerns.

Jobs are hard to find

In some cases, survivors were extremely poor. Since the videos went viral, they have found it difficult to find work to earn a living. “They are also going through a tough time psychologically and financially. If the government offers compensation considering their plight and ensuring safety, they may come forward and file lawsuits,” she added.

Soon after the video went viral and the SIT was formed, many women activists from different parts of the state arrived in Hassan and staged protests. They requested the state government to open a helpline and make arrangements to provide counseling to survivors in need. SIT has set up a helpline. Police officials responded to calls from survivors. The police are said to be trying to reach out to the survivors through their friends and well-wishers to ensure their safety and well-being.

Meanwhile, the Department of Psychiatry at the Hassan Institute of Medical Sciences has offered to provide counseling to survivors. However, so far, no one has contacted the department.

new version

Many survivors are concerned that objectionable videos and photos allegedly related to Prajwal Revanna’s case continue unabated.

According to reports, some photos and videos went viral during the last week of May. It’s unclear who was behind posting the content. Rupa Hassan, a writer and activist based in Hassan, said police failed to prevent the publication of fresh content. “A team of technical experts should be hired for this purpose,” she demanded.



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