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Paul Manford is developing ‘Netflix-like’ service for China: report

Paul Manaforton top trump card The associate, who pleaded guilty to money laundering and obstruction of justice before being pardoned by the 45th president in 2020, is now back in the news Washington post Reports say he has resumed his international consulting business. But one fact in the new story stands out. Manafort has apparently been working on a project to help launch new streaming services in China.

To be clear, the new Washington Post article is very carefully and thoughtfully worded, claiming that Manafort is “helping launch a Netflix-like mobile streaming and entertainment platform in China.” The service is called “Doorways,” The Washington Post reported, noting that “according to company documents,” the new service is “endorsed by the Chinese government.”

The phrase “helping launch” doesn’t sound like Manafort is physically building servers so that Chinese viewers can watch exciting new streaming entertainment. But that’s not what politically connected advisers are doing in this effort, either. They will often help connect the parties to make things run more smoothly. Based on Manafort’s non-denial to The Washington Post, he’s making a ton of connections.

From the Washington Post:

Manafort said in an email to The Washington Post that he has “no ties to China” and has “nothing to do with China, including Chinese businesses, government, individuals or anything else,” but acknowledged that he “is Requested to make presentations” to U.S. studios and potential U.S. partners in the venture. “

The newspaper cited documents from 2022 regarding the Doorways streaming platform, which claimed that the Chinese military was somehow involved, but Manafort reportedly denied this. The document also states that state-run telecommunications company China Mobile will help sell Doorways’ subscription services.If you remember, China Mobile was denied a license to provide phone service in the United States Back to 2019 Due to national security considerations.

The Washington Post quoted Manafort as insisting that everything he does is apolitical, which only makes sense if you don’t understand that everything that happens in international business is inherently political.

“My limited role in briefing American business people has nothing to do with the politics of U.S.-China relations,” Manafort told the Washington Post.

Why is this important? That’s important because Manafort remains a fixture in Republican circles and will reportedly attend the Republican National Convention, scheduled for July 15-18 in Milwaukee. His former boss, Donald J. Trump, is considered a hawk on relations with China. Of course, Trump has shown himself highly malleable on this topic, with his recent decision to let the Chinese-owned TikTok shouldn’t Prohibited In the United States, there has been a 180-degree change from what he said when he was in office. But that’s not surprising at this point. Trump would change his slogan to “Make America Bad Again” if he thought it would help him personally.

Manafort isn’t just helping Chinese companies make progress. Apparently, he “attempted to advise politicians in Japan and South Korea,” efforts that may not have been that shocking given that both countries are U.S. allies, the Washington Post reported. But just because a country is an ally doesn’t mean there’s no potential for scandal. You may recall that Michael Flynn, who served as Trump’s first national security adviser for less than a month in 2017, was fired over his private consulting work. work for Türkiyean ally of the United States.

Gizmodo received a bounce email from a known address for Manafort but has not yet found a usable email. Mr. Manafort, if you’re reading this, please leave us a message. We’d love to hear from you.



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