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Nintendo doesn’t want to deal with X/Twitter either

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For those who use their nintendo switch Send tweets and screenshots, this feature is going away soon so you may need to buy a phone.

Nintendo added a New support page It was announced on Thursday that it would stop integrating Twitter (now X) on Switch. Starting June 10, Switch users will no longer be able to post screenshots or videos to X from their devices. There is still an option to send these posts to Facebook, but Nintendo says the service may be cut off at some point in the future.Those who want to get screenshots and videos from their Switch can connect it directly to a PC, or Send them wirelessly to smart devices.

A drop in support can also affect the game, e.g. Super Smash Bros. Special Edition, Spra escape 2, and Sprague Escape 3, which has game-specific options for sending tweets. Switch users will also not be able to send friend requests to social media.

Nintendo is the last of the three major console manufacturers to drop Twitter support.Microsoft’s move is to Xbox console will be available in April 2023 Sony did the same thing PlayStation series last October.One possible reason why they canceled the integration is API access fees increase.

Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony made waves on social media when they released game consoles in the 2010s. At that time, social media was slowly integrating into people’s daily lives. Twitter was bad back then, but it wasn’t run by people like Musk.

Since his Acquire Twitter Add to that the embarrassing name change to “X,” and the social media platform gets even worse.have Fewer and fewer people are tweeting on the platform, More bots committing fraudand a large number of hatred leaving people desperate for alternatives.



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