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Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson talk Doctor Who’s lone hero and being embraced by fans

There are some scarier things in the world world doctor who Rather than introducing something new. Although the show’s themes have changed over the past 60 years, its fan base tends to be: Hesitant to adapt Change first – and will change let you know. This makes introducing new stars (inherent to the theme of change) a challenge at times… but its new heroes have risen to that challenge.

doctor who Of course introducing Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson’s The 15th Doctor and Ruby Sunday Christmas just passed—Gatwa was earlier on tour for the show’s final episode 60th anniversary celebration— but launching a new season of the show is still a little different, as the pair prepare to do tonight, when doctor who return Welcome to a new era of excitement on Disney+ and BBC iPlayer. But part of what makes the transition so easy for Gatwa and Gibson is that the series, like the Doctor and Ruby themselves, has been smooth sailing.

“Oh my gosh, they’re like ducks to water,” Gatwa recently told io9 via Zoom, talking about the new season’s relationship between the Doctor and Ruby – a highlight of the first two episodes (“Duck! to water!” ! Water! “They came together so quickly. They both had a shared history of being adopted, but they didn’t know where they came from. They met (at Christmas) – and a crisis was already brewing. Ruby jumped on the ladder , jump to the sky, jump to the goblin ship. Things like that bother you. You will come out of that experience and you will be bound by that experience and it will grow and grow and grow. I think they see a lot of themselves in each other, so that’s great.

Part of what originally drew the Doctor and Ruby together was a kinship – they were more than a mystery to each other, a strange alien and a girl who seemed moved by unknown forces of destiny, but They are all lost characters. The Doctors once again lost their people, who, it turns out, helped create the Last People in the first place. Ruby, an orphan desperately searching for answers about her birth parents, finds relevance in her struggle.
“I would say that’s a theme throughout the entire season – that even though they love and protect and care for each other, they’re an enigma to each other,” Gibson said of Ruby and the Doctor’s dynamic. “They still don’t know the extent of the people they’re traveling with. I think that’s interesting.

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The same ease and ease that the Doctor and Ruby feel in each other’s orbit has a similar feel to the arrival of Gatewar and Gibson. doctor who That in itself is a sign of confidence that fans are quickly embracing them into the Christmas season, which perhaps in turn is reflected in the show. “Any science fiction show has a fan base, a very, very strong fan base. Passionate. It’s great to be embraced by the world and welcomed by the Whovians,” Gatwa said.

“These are iconic characters, so for people to trust you so willingly and easily is a credit to whovians you are,” Gibson added. “They would defend me with their lives! They haven’t even met me yet. So, it’s so wonderful that they are so loyal and passionate about Ruby Sunday even though they rarely see her. Without the fans, the show is nothing.” .

The Doctor and Ruby even have a favorite already.One benefit of the show being filmed early (they are currently filming season 2, while AndorVarada Setu as Coming second companion) is that both actors have gotten to know the fans who often show up and watch the filming. “I want to speak out doctor who Positivity on TwitterTom,” Gatwa said, gushing about the show’s fan base. “The way they protect us? It’s beautiful! I’m fascinated by the Whovians. I love them so much. And all the artwork that started way before the trailer. There’s even a special episode.

“By making the announcement, they were like, ‘That’s it.’ It was so beautiful,” Gibson added. “They’re risking their lives.”

This was in stark contrast to what many expected, especially with Gatwa taking on the title role, breaking the boundaries of the series and becoming the first public entry in the series Queer, black male protagonist. But his passion for the series and the people who love it has overcome obstacles, even the typical Whovian hesitation that always comes with trying to figure out what the new Doctor will be like. “People say a lot about science fiction fans and how toxic they can be sometimes, but there’s also such beauty,” Gatwa muses. “This is a community where people become friends with each other. To have a show like this… I’m so grateful.

doctor who Two episodes premiere globally today (May 10) at 7pm ET Disney+will be broadcast simultaneously in the UK on BBC iPlayer at 12pm local time on Saturday 11 May, and then on BBC One later in the day.

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