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Microsoft reveals more emails hacked by Russian hackers

one Russian hackers attack Microsoft The impact is more profound than initially reported. The tech giant is notifying other individuals that their emails with Microsoft were accessed, Burundi Report. A group called Midnight Blizzard or Nobelium orchestrated this attack, as well as the 2020 SolarWinds hack. The U.S. government has previously linked midnight blizzards to Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service.

Microsoft previously notified some individuals that their emails had been viewed, but the company is now sharing specific details. “This week, we will continue to send notifications to customers who communicated with Microsoft corporate email accounts that were compromised by hackers. midnight snowstorm “Threat actor, we are providing customers with the email communications that the actor accessed,” a Microsoft spokesperson said. “This provides additional details to customers who have already received notifications and also includes new notifications.” Microsoft Customers are being made aware of this via email, which initially led to concerns that the notification was Phishing scam.

Microsoft first disclosed the hack in January, saying the password spray attack allowed the group to gain access to “a very small number of Microsoft corporate email accounts” in late 2023. Member of the cybersecurity and legal teams.

At the time, Microsoft said the attack was not caused by a vulnerability in its systems but would instead improve security. However, the U.S. government launched a fierce attack on Microsoft, with a report in March showing that Cybersecurity Review Board found that the company’s “safety culture was insufficient and required major repairs. U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued an order requiring federal agencies to analyze hacked emails and protect Microsoft cloud accounts, among other measures. CISA notified all affected agencies and asked them to provide regular updates on the steps they are taking to prevent this “serious and unacceptable risk.”



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