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LEGO’s next Transformers set brings Bumblebee to the party

years ago, Lego dazzles us with its first Transformers Set to the form of a Fully transformable Optimus Prime-Now they gave him a friend.

this morning toy manufacturer Unveiling the fully transforming LEGO Bumblebee, set to be released next month. Quantity: 950 pieces – Bumblebee scaled to fit 2022 Optimus PrimeWith just over 1,500 pieces, this set features Bumblebee’s classic first-generation design in robot mode. His transformation into vehicle mode certainly gave him a car inspired by the Volkswagen Beetle, even if it wasn’t Clearly That model. You just have to take apart an old 2016 Beetle set made by LEGO and… squint at it, I guess. Or rebuild it with yellow bricks to match!

In addition to the figure itself, the Bumblebee set also includes a small handheld blaster for Bee to use in robot mode, as well as a small plaque with the Autobot logo and showcasing technical details. For $90, absolutely. lighter load Better for your wallet than most LEGO bricks Latest Nerd Outfitsstart up.

Lego Transformers Bumblebee is set to Published July 1——Click to see more pictures!



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