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Leggy’s Osgood Perkins Wants His Stephen King Movie to Be Funny and Violent

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As excitement builds for Osgood Perkins long legs As more and more people spread word of mouth, Nicolas Cage-Starring in the director’s next project, a Stephen King adaptation monkeybegan to receive more and more attention.

Filmmaker adapts King’s horror short story skeleton crew Expected to be his next work; Starring: Theo James (white lotus)Tatiana Maslany (sheHulk: lawyer) and Elijah Wood (madman). during an interview Bloody and disgusting Boo Crew, Perkins predicted what would happen, which was certainly unexpected. “This will feel more like suffering or creep show or Gremlins or (An American Werewolf in London),” he said. “It’s almost like long legs. To me, if you’re going to make a movie about a toy monkey, you can take it seriously. But a lot of King is fun and nostalgic. So we tried to make a movie that felt more like the late ’80s to ’90s. It’s kind of like if Robert Zemeckis just drank a little LSD and took a Stephen King photo of a monkey toy.

The director is working with Neon (which is also distributing long legs) and James Wan’s Atomic Monster, which we’re really excited about because it feels like a boundary-pushing horror vibe. “To me, the ideal is a movie that kids and their parents want to go see together,” Perkins continued. “People exploded, people exploded; it was extreme, but also very funny. It was very father-son redemption, very touching, very nostalgic, very Stephen King.

monkey In theaters on February 21, 2025. long legs It will arrive on July 12 this year.

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