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Know Your English | What does “bud” mean?

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This is a commonly used expression in American English in informal situations. When you say you have “ants in your pants,” what you mean is that you’re so excited or anxious about something that you can’t sit still for a while. Even standing, you are full of nervous energy; as a result, your steps move up and down. Whether standing or sitting, you cannot remain still. You are restless and often restless. I guess it all makes sense. After all, you wouldn’t sit or stand still if there were a lot of ants crawling into your pants, would you? Worried about being bitten in the wrong place, you might consider taking off your clothes and doing whatever you can to eliminate the insect. This expression is often used for children who have lots of energy!

Please take your dog for a walk. There were ants in her pants all day long.

Tomorrow is Deepak’s birthday. It’s no wonder he has ants in his pants.

What does “germination” mean? How to pronounce this word? (R. Viswanath, Chennai)

First, let’s deal with the pronunciation of this word. It consists of two syllables; “bur” in the first rhymes with “fur”, “her” and “sir”. The “g” at the end sounds like the “j” in “juice,” “jam,” and “jump,” and the final “eo” sounds like the “a” in “china.” The word is derived from the Old French “barjoner,” meaning “to sprout or sprout,” pronounced “BUR-jen” with the emphasis on the first syllable. Dictionaries often label the word “literature,” and today it is mostly used to mean “rapid growth or increase.” Anything that sprouts, expands and flourishes. The word can be used for both living and non-living things.

After experiencing a difficult career, Artur grew into an excellent teacher.

When these plants sprout in the spring, you’ll see a colorful display when you look out your bedroom window.

It was obvious to all that the love between the two classmates was budding.

Which one is right? Cash payment or cash payment? (S. Mangalam, Vellore)

Although you sometimes hear “pay by cash” today, careful speakers of the language will say “pay in cash.” They will think that “paying with cash” is incorrect. These people prefer to say “pay cash” or “pay cash”

I had just finished paying cash to buy groceries when the store alarm went off.

I don’t know why, but Usha always likes to pay in cash.

The term “payment method” is used when you use credit cards and checks.

When Shiva buys an expensive car, he pays by check.

Hema realized he didn’t have enough cash. So, she paid with a credit card.

Now, we talk about “online payment” and “online payment”, not “online payment” or “online payment”.



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