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iOS 17.5.1 fixes reappearing photo bug

Apple just released an update to iOS (and iPadOS) to fix a strange bug that’s been popping up over the past week. When iOS 17.5 was released, some users noticed that photos they had deleted reappeared in their photo library – now, iOS 17.5.1 promises to fix the problem. As Apple says, the update “addresses a rare issue where photos with library corruption may reappear in your Photos library even if they are deleted.”

as pointed out mike rumor, some users on Reddit were seeing photos that had been deleted not just weeks ago, but months or even years ago. In fact, one person reported that photos from 2010 suddenly appeared in his library as if they had been taken newly.

As usual, Apple hasn’t provided further details beyond what’s in the iOS 17.5.1 release notes, but we’re reaching out to them to see if they have any additional details on how this bug originally appeared. In the meantime, you might as well update your iPhone or iPad now.



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