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Insta360’s Flow Pro smartphone gimbal uses Apple’s DockKit to track you

Insta360 launches Flow Pro smartphone gimbal with features we’ve never seen on any competitor: Apple docking station support. This allows it to automatically track you while you demo, perform, or perform other activities, just like DJI’s popular products Spirit Eyes Spirit Eyes 3 Universal joint.

DockKit support effectively gives you a robot photographer. Simply mount the Flow Pro on the built-in tripod that extends from the handle, then pair it with your iPhone. Then, use the magnetic phone clip or MagSafe-compatible magnetic phone holder to attach your iPhone to the gimbal and start shooting.

From there, it will use your iPhone’s front or rear camera and the native camera app to track and focus on you or your subject. This gives you the freedom to move around knowing it will keep you in the frame and in focus. It also works with more than 200 third-party iOS apps, including FaceTime, Zoom and TikTok.

Insta360's Flow Pro smartphone gimbal uses Apple's DockKit to track you


The only other DockKit product we’ve seen so far is Belkin Stand Pro iPhone Dock, but does not have a universal joint function. However, Flow Pro is a more powerful version of the original version of Insta360 flow gimbal (And cheaper than the Belkin product). To this end, it provides a three-axis mechanical anti-shake function that is far superior to the electronic stabilization function of mobile phones.

It also comes with the company’s AI subject tracking, with features such as tracking recovery (reacquiring subjects after loss), person re-identification, and slow-motion tracking. Insta360 also launched Deep track 3.0, which adds 360-degree unlimited pan tracking, which means it can rotate 360 ​​degrees horizontally while tracking a subject. It also supports animal tracking (dogs, cats, and horses) and adds an LED tracking ring so you can quickly see if it’s following your subject.

Insta360's Flow Pro smartphone gimbal uses Apple's DockKit to track you


The Flow Pro also offers a selfie stick that can be extended to 215 mm (8.5 inches), a built-in cold shoe for adding a microphone or other accessories, and a 2,900mAh power bank for charging iPhones. Other features include “one-step rapid deployment” to deploy the gimbal in one go, 10 hours of battery life, SmartWheel for quick access to shooting controls, and four gimbal modes (Auto, Follow, Pan Follow and FPV).

Insta360 is available now in the U.S. and at select retailers globally for $149. It includes a magnetic phone clip, charging cable, grip cover and protective pouch, with other accessories such as spotlights, magnetic phone holders and decorative inserts sold separately.



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