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In Kolkata, apart from the polls, there was also a simultaneous campaign against women workers

One of the posters was meant to express the hard work of women in harsh conditions.

One of the posters was meant to express the hard work of women in harsh conditions. | Image source: Special arrangement

In addition to the campaign, a month-long poster campaign was launched concurrently in Kolkata to expose the unfair working conditions and wages that women workers are commonly subjected to.

The event, which is essentially a social media campaign that started on May 1 and will run until May 31, aims to bring public attention to the issues of women workers and help start a discussion on their rights and demands, organizers said. satisfy.

The organization, called Nari Divas Udjapon Mancha (NDUM), is a partnership of three organizations: Anjali Mental Health Rights, Azad Foundation and South Asian Women in Media (SAWM) India. At a Women’s Day event in Kolkata on March 30, many participants – including workers on farms, tea estates, jute mills, brick kilns, construction sites, shrimp seed collectors, rag pickers and taxi drivers – recounted how the order Heartbreaking stories of people who came together afterward about their working conditions.

“One of the women became a rag picker because the jute factory where she worked as a contract worker did not have a crèche. Her mother-in-law worked as a maid and she had no one to take care of her small children. So she spent several hours every day collecting rags, “Ratnaboli Ray of Anjali Mental Health Rights told reporters. hinduism.

Another woman who works in a tea garden said that she must collect 24 kilograms of tea leaves every day, otherwise her salary will be deducted. We have heard many such stories. That’s when we decided to organize events to draw public attention to working women’s issues, especially the needs and rights of grassroots women in the workforce,” said Ms. Lei.

Designed by Metricfeed, the posters have a simple style with an old-world feel, and all cited facts and figures are based on presentations by participants at the March 30 conference and data from reliable sources.

According to organizers, the response has been overwhelming. The posters were widely disseminated, particularly by women’s groups, labor rights groups and academics. There were also sarcastic and negative comments questioning the veracity of the data and its motives, but the majority of reactions were positive.

“The next step will be to use these posters in books, disseminate them in immediate settings and take the campaign to districts. NDUM is determined to meet some of the needs raised by working women, especially for crèches and toilets. We are working with the government Hold talks with NGOs to find out what is possible,” Ms Lei said.



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