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In addition to waiting for the Star Wars: Picard spinoff, Terry Matalas found something to do

Last month, it was revealed Star Wars: Picard Host Terry Matalas Currently hosting a Disney+ show imagine after his white variant left. Wanda Vision. Matalas now has another project running parallel to this, which is good news for him, but not so good news for anyone who wants him to continue with any projects. Picard’s Lingering threads.

according to hollywood reporter On Friday, Matalas was tapped to script the remake of 20th Century Fox’s 1985 film | Enemy mines. The original film starred Dennis Quaid as a human pilot named Davey and the late Lou Gosset Jr. as Jerry, a reptilian alien who crash-lands on an uninhabitable planet and must work together to survive , Davididge ended up taking care of Jerry’s children. Despite a troubled production (including the firing of original director Richard Lonklein) and a low box office, the film has enjoyed a cult following, and because it’s summer Reshoot announcementwhat else is on the list?

between that and imagine, Matalas is going to be busy for a while, which means it could be a while before he completes his proposed follow-up Picard. He and several of the show’s cast members appeared before and after the show’s final season last year The actors came up with a hypothesis StarCraft: Legacy series will serve as new generation Equivalent to Star Wars: Strange New Worlds. Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine Leads Several Adult Kids new generation Characters for weekly adventures (possibly with cameos from parents) are what fans really want Gluedbut since Paramount never succeeded even once Picard After packaging, Matalas was acquired by Disney.

hope heritage still exists Among the cast members, Patrick Stewart even said Movie Because his corporate captain is working hard to help build the show’s momentum. If Matalas never returns to Paramount one more time imagine and enemy mines To sum it up, that movie is probably the closest thing to his upcoming show trek Fans get it.

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