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Illuminating the darkness-Hindu

There are all kinds of candles, from white unscented pillar candles to scented candles, therapeutic candles, tea candles and more.

There are all kinds of candles, from white unscented pillar candles to scented candles, therapeutic candles, tea candles and more. | Image source: Getty Images/iStockphoto

There was a sudden power outage. “Damn it!” I cursed, closing the book I was reading. I let my eyes adjust to the darkness, then looked for that little pillar of wax to chase away the sudden darkness. Many people seem to have stopped using candles or lamps in emergencies, preferring gadgets like rechargeable lights, solar lights, LED bulbs, and more. Light from LED bulbs looks brighter Forged Than artificial.

In the 1948 book Readings for scientists (Edward Mason, editor) An article entitled “The Chemical History of Candles.” The author of this article is Michael Faraday, who barely went to school. It is a useful reading for primary school students. It’s a simple yet elegant illustration of something as common as a burning candle, from the moment it’s lit until the flame goes out.

During my childhood, about 50 years ago, my mother used kerosene lamps. When power outages are frequent, they are everywhere. They can be mounted on the wall and produce some soot. Perhaps kerosene lamps were used because they lasted longer than candles and were also more expensive. Which one would I choose? I would choose candles just for ease of maintenance. My candle is firmly fixed in the waxy tomb of my predecessor in a glass holder.

Many households use UPS. Others have various gadgets that ward off the darkness. There is no doubt that these make life easier. But they lack the romance that candlelight or oil lamps can bring, wouldn’t you agree? During a power outage, compare the person who opens the door with a candle and the person who opens the door with a rechargeable light; the candlelight seems to be sending a gentle welcome, but the rechargeable light seems to be shouting louder.

There are all kinds of candles, from white unscented pillar candles to scented candles, therapeutic candles, tea candles and more. Candle making is also an art, and candles are made to order for special occasions. There are books and books about candle making. LED lights (what I call toy lights) are replacing candles and table lamps.Decades ago, oil lamps were used puja Replaced with flickering light bulbs. Now it’s LED Dias. Kerosene lamps were almost forgotten in the city.

I remember that sometime in 1995, the boss of the college where I taught ordered all the teachers – believe it or not – to sell candles.Yes, sell Candle! What’s scary is not the order, but that all the teachers, except for one or two, took it as a challenge and started a fierce competition, just like dogs eager to impress their owners! Speaking of selling candles, have you seen the YouTube video of Ronnie Barker buying four candles? Is there any TV show more humorous than this?

Symbolically, candles and lamps have their own symbolic meanings. Lighting candles can symbolize revival, giving hope or enlightenment. They symbolize knowledge, enlightenment, contemplation and life itself. GM Hopkins uses candles as a metaphor for faith in his poem “Candles in the Chamber.”Elton John believed that candles could represent a person; Marilyn Monroe was to him Candle In the wind.Others like me would assert that she is windno, it’s a whirlpool.

It’s hard for me to describe the experience of lighting a candle and watching the flame gradually grow brighter, illuminating a small area around it and gently covering the wall with just enough soft light. It is an experience that requires the gift of poetry for proper interpretation.

In the past, it was common for homes to have candle/light niches in the walls. But for some time such niches were found only in luxury homes equipped with chandeliers and other exquisite lights! Why do we ordinary citizens forget to make such candle niches in our residences? I think there is inevitably a certain Miniver Chivi quality about my generation.



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