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Ian McKellen thinks Gollum movie could be his last job

Ian McKellen plays Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings. image: Warner Bros./New Line Cinema

It’s only been about a month since Warner Bros. revealed a new movie was in the works Lord of the Rings Movie. With Andy Serkis on board as director and in a motion capture suit, the studio is fully prepared for the Hunting Gollum The prequel movie is set to hit theaters in 2026, which will naturally lead to discussion of whether any of the actors from the original film (and who that would make sense to) would pop up in their original roles.

In a recent interview with a British newspaper eraSir Ian McKellen briefly talks about Guru and the chance for him to return as beloved wizard Gandalf the White (née the White) grey). He’s well aware of the recent “commotion in Tolkien’s land” and that his character is set to appear in the film. But while there’s “no script, no proposal, (or) plan,” he’s more than willing to do it… as long as he’s actually alive Guru actually put into production.

At the end of May, McKellen celebrated his 85th birthday. In an interview with the New York Times, he said: “You know this life is not going to last forever. When it comes to the original ring The trilogy is being filmed, he’s in his early to mid-60s, and he’s over Hobbit trilogy when he was in his 70s. He continues to get plenty of work on stage and screen, but he also admits that he’s now more selective about the roles he takes on. “When the script (or the offer) comes in, you think, ‘This could be my last job. No, I wouldn’t do that.

Next month, McClane will reprise his role as Magneto in the film Magneto. Deadpool and Wolverine, this other He became famous for his major film roles in the 2000s. The obvious idea of ​​him trying to choose his last role in a play or movie is really cute, and the fact that he wants to bring things full circle in some capacity is pretty sweet.

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