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I can’t believe the Acolyte’s cool helmet is Han’s Hoth jacket again

A lot of shocking things happened This week’s episode acolyte, but for me, there is one above the others. In fact, our new favorite might be the Strange Sith, wearing a bronze helmetnot a black helmet.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen this episode, or at least one of the episodes with this creepy new villain, so you know what he looks like. Well, after the plot is over, Hasbro releases images of its replica I was struck by the bright bronze color of the helmet’s shape. When I watched the show, I thought it was dark. Star Wars The bad guys (Vader, Maul, Kylo, ​​Palpatine) tend to like black.

Prop replica helmet.

Prop replica helmet.
image: Hasbro

The assumption here is one of two things. The most likely possibility is that in the reality of the show, the helmet was bronze when new but became discolored due to heavy damage from too many battles. Another possibility is that the helmet was actually bronze on set, but through lighting and movie magic it ended up looking black on screen. (We’ve actually reached out to Lucasfilm to try to clarify this, and will update this article if we find out.)

Now, why is this interesting? Well, because, as most people do Star Wars Fans all know, This has happened before. exist The Empire Strikes Back, Han Solo’s jacket on Hoth looks blue on the screen. In fact, it looked so blue on screen that when Kenner made Han’s toys based on these scenes, the toys were all blue. So, for a generation, everyone assumed the jacket was blue. However, it was later revealed that the actual jacket on set was brown. To this day, debate rages over which jacket is real, the one on set or the one we think we saw?

Perception is also a big issue for strangers. We don’t see much of him in the first four episodes, and when we do, he’s always in the background, so it looks like he’s wearing all black. More like Kylo Ren than Snoke. In the new episode, though, we finally get to see the character up close, and you can definitely see the mix of bronze and black. this new one acolyte The poster is the clearest version.

bronze?  Black?  A little bit of both?  A little bit of both!

bronze? Black? A little bit of both? A little bit of both!
image: Lucasfilm

um, yes. It’s bronze. Han’s jacket is brown. But I don’t care. I prefer what I see on screen. Understandably, this may not be a popular view. Manufacturers tend to use on-site references provided by the studio, and if it’s bronze, that’s fine. But come on! coat It seems blue. helmet It seems Darkened. If it wasn’t for the sales pitch, I would never have known that these two colors are actually different colors.

Where do you stand on this debate? Does the Stranger’s Cortosis helmet appear black or bronze to you? How about Han’s Hoth jacket? Let us know below.

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