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How to watch OpenAI’s next ChatGPT update

Open artificial intelligence Will live update Chat GPT and GPT-4 on Monday at 1pm ET. In a tweet on Friday, CEO Sam Altman refuted several reports that OpenAI would launch a search engine or GPT-5 at the event. However, Altman announced that ChatGPT is about to launch something that “feels like magic.”

Surprising OpenAI event coming up on Monday The day before Google I/O, expected to be filled with artificial intelligence-related updates. The timing is almost certainly not a coincidence and may be an attempt to undercut Google’s announcement.Monday will also be the company’s first OpenAI event around GPT-4 and ChatGPT updates in about six months since their launch GPT-4 Turbo at development day.

To watch the event, you can go to OpenAI’s homepage Get an update on the world’s most popular artificial intelligence model here on Monday, May 13 at 1pm ET. The event is expected to last about an hour.

There’s been a lot of speculation about what OpenAI will announce on Monday. While Altman said not to hold out hope for the search engine or GPT-5, there are plenty of other rumors circulating about the show.

Many people believe that this incident is related to gpt2-chatbot That Ultraman is already last month’s tease.Some people speculate that OpenAI may launch a smaller artificial intelligence model, similar to Anthropic Claude 3 Haikubuilt for simpler queries.

Altman previously told a Harvard audience that these anonymous chatbots have attracted the AI ​​community with their GPT-4 level capabilities, but they are not GPT-5. However, he did not rule out OpenAI being behind them. OpenAI has not responded to Gizmodo’s repeated questions about the gpt2 chatbot for weeks.

Reuters reported before This event is about a search product that competes with Google and Perplexity. information It is also reported that OpenAI is preparing a search product, and edge OpenAI is reportedly actively poaching Google employees for a team looking to launch a product as soon as possible. Others speculated that GPT-5 would be launched soon, but it looks like we’re getting something else.

OpenAI’s activities will undoubtedly intensify the competition between two of the most well-funded artificial intelligence companies on the planet.Google is under huge pressure Strengthen the Gemini family Artificial intelligence model.To make matters worse, both Google and OpenAI are reportedly Negotiating with Apple Powering the artificial intelligence chatbots in the next iPhone. This summer will soon become the next hottest phase in the artificial intelligence race.



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