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Hey Elon, keep banning Apple devices

Yesterday, after Apple announced a partnership with OpenAI to integrate support for ChatGPT into the company’s devices, Musk did what he always does: he tweeted. The owner of X wrote, X, he would ban Apple devices from his company “if Apple integrates OpenAI at the operating system level.” To which I say: Go ahead. When you do this, your company’s software is also removed from Apple’s App Store.

Musk’s companies (at least the major ones) currently include Tesla, SpaceX, X, X AI and Neuralink. Even if we’re just talking about cell phones – according to Counterpoint study Apple currently has 52% market share in the United States – if general statistics are correct, about 80,000 of Musk’s 155,000 employees would be subject to the ban. That doesn’t include people using Mac computers or iPads. (Note: Most of these workers are at Tesla, which has about 140,000 employees.)

Now as we see on the staff Decrease at X and TeslaMusk’s management style may be described as “shooting oneself in the foot.” But subjecting more than half his staff to a ban aimed at one of the world’s most popular electronics makers seems particularly insensitive. Yes, all of this can cause headaches (especially for the poor souls on the IT team). But the real question is, if Elon really cares about safety, he’s just proposing a half-measure.

Why stop just banning Apple devices? Of course, the apps his company develops for iOS are also at risk. So why not remove X, Tesla and all other apps from Apple’s App Store? This would further ward off the OpenAI threat, wouldn’t it?

I believe some of the stronger students here have raised their hands now. “But if the problem is that ChatGPT is integrated at the operating system level, does that also mean Musk’s company will be banned from using Windows?” How? you are right. As a person of faith, I fully expected Elon to ban Those ones and the machinery at his workplace. I suspect his engineers would have had a relatively easy time calculating the trajectory of the spacecraft into orbit on the Ti-83.

Musk follow up He said in the statement: “Apple is not smart enough to build its own artificial intelligence, but it can somehow ensure that OpenAI protects your security and privacy. This is patently ridiculous! Once Apple hands over your data to OpenAI , they just don’t know what’s going on. They’re selling you down the river.

Unsurprisingly, the announcement didn’t accurately describe Apple and OpenAI’s partnership, which readers were quick to point out using X’s additional context feature. (This is also true on Musk’s own website, oh, the shame!) Apple says It will have its own artificial intelligence model It will run on the device or in private computing cloud, and will only send material to OpenAI with the user’s explicit permission on a strictly opt-in basis. So despite Musk’s claims, there doesn’t seem to be much trickery involved.

Best of all, as the founder and CEO of a handful of companies, Musk can do what he wants. In this case, I encourage Elon to stay the course. Let us know your post is not a bluff, As some have already claimed. Time to mess around and find out.

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