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Govee smart lights are now up to 35% off

As part of the promotion, Govee smart lamps and fixtures are currently up to 35% off . The deals include all the smart bulbs, LED strips and floodlights you can rock, but perhaps the most eye-catching item is . It’s on sale for $200 via a clippable coupon, which is a $20 discount.


This floor lamp easily made our list , although it’s more than just a simple light bulb. The Floor Lamp Pro is a cleverly designed lighting fixture that stands over two feet tall and displays multiple colors simultaneously. The variety of shades available makes it a great choice for simply brightening a room or making sure you look good during a Zoom meeting.

The fixture has a Bluetooth speaker on the bottom that occasionally plays a music-based light show. The speaker can even play a variety of white noise types for sleep or meditation. I am a white noise addict at all times of the day. As a modern smart lamp, it also works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

The only bad thing about the Floor Lamp Pro is the price, which usually goes for $220. Dropping the price to $200 doesn’t make it an impulse buy, but it’s at least easier to swallow.

You can also choose some playful ones , which brings the asking price down by 20%. These provide physical support and can be strung together to create the light show of your dreams.

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