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Gemini in Google Messages now available on any Android phone

At MWC earlier this year, Google announced Gemini and messaging integration, which lets you access your chatbot from within your messaging app. The feature was limited to newer Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones at launch, but now Google has Updated its help page That means you only need an “Android device with 6GB of RAM or more” to access it. 9 to 5 google first reported the change, along with news of the feature’s imminent launch in India.

Currently, Google Messages only supports the English version of Gemini in 164 available countries. The only exception is Canada, which also supports French. (In case you’re curious, the feature isn’t available in France yet.) Google says it’s “working” to make the feature available in more languages ​​and more regions in the future. But for now, if you want Gemini to draft messages, plan events, or even just chat with you to pass the time, your phone has to be set to English (or French, if you’re in Canada).

Please note that you must also be 18 years or older and using Google Messages from an account you manage to use this feature. You also need to make sure your RCS chat is turned on. To access Gemini, simply open the Messages app and start a new conversation to see the option to talk to the chatbot.



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