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Free PS1 emulator for iPhone is hitting the App Store charts

It’s only been a month now We already have a second real hit on the App Store.Newly released There are plenty of additional features for those who want to return to the blocky polygonal world.It joins the popular . We don’t know why these apps are always named with Greek letters, as they are all made by completely independent developers.

Gamma is provided by developer ZodTTD, which has almost since . The app is mainly available for Apple smartphones, but there is also a dedicated iPad version, which is always great. Gamma integrates with Bluetooth controllers and keyboards to provide a variety of input options. It also has customizable screen controller skins, but we all know how frustrating it can be to play old-school games with a touch screen. Still, it’s nice to have this option.

The app uses Google Drive and Dropbox sync to back up game files and save states, and the software even automatically grabs game cover art. The whole thing is actually based on Delta’s code base, . As with emulators, you have to provide the game. In order to stand on the right side of the law, into the ROM file.

Clearly, there is a huge demand for emulators on the App Store. Nintendo emulator Delta has been a mainstay on the charts since its launch, while Gamma currently ranks sixth, above streamers like Disney+ and Hulu but below TikTok. Reviews were mixed, however, with many users complaining that the UI needed to be refreshed and that certain third-party controllers, such as Backbone devices, would cause it to crash. A fix may appear in the near future. at the same time, Strange World: Abe’s Odyssey and crash team racing Both begged for a revisit.

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