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Four murders reported in Chennai suburbs on Monday night

At least four murders and one other suspected murder were reported in the city’s suburbs on Monday night. The list of victims includes an autorickshaw driver in Tambaram, a truck owner in Chromepet, a daily gambler in Kundrattur, an elderly woman in Warajabad and Tirumulewar A textile shop owner in Arles.

A 26-year-old history-sheeter driving an autorickshaw was hacked to death at Tambaram bus stand by five men, including a bus stand union leader, over a fight for a ride in Tambaram police jurisdiction. Police sources said the deceased has been identified as Kathik Raja, 26, of Erikarai Street, Irumbuliyur. member. He has not committed any further crimes since 2018. He lived a reformed life, married a woman, and drove a tricycle for a living.

He had an ongoing quarrel with Anand, an auto union leader and DMK worker. Anand invited him for talks near Tambaram bus stand. At 11:30 pm, Karthik Raja and Anand reached the spot with their friends. As they were meeting, things took a turn for the worse and a physical altercation broke out. Anand and his accomplices hacked Kartik Raja to death and fled the scene. Tambaram police recovered the body and arrested 40-year-old Anand and four others.

In Chromepet, a 50-year-old man was hacked to death after an argument broke out over repaying a friend’s loan. The victim was identified as Thomas, a resident of TSLakshmanan Nagar in Chromepet area. He owns a truck and deals in leather scraps. Recently, he lent Rs 30,000 to one of his friends, Sabari. The former pestered the latter to pay back the money, and a quarrel broke out.

On Monday evening, Sabari invited Thomas to repay the loan near a temple in Malaiserai, Tirunel. When Thomas arrived at the scene, Sabari and others attacked him with a knife while they were talking. Thomas fell into a pool of blood and died on the spot. Chromepet police started investigation and arrested Sabari after recovering the body.

Woman strangled to death with gold chain

A 65-year-old woman was found strangled to death in Katavakkam village near Varajabad in Kanchipuram district. The victim was identified as Suga. After the death of her husband, she lived alone in her house while her sons lived in Tiruvallur district. When she didn’t leave the house on Tuesday and the house was locked out, neighbors became suspicious, broke in and found her dead. Police suspect that unknown persons must have entered the house on Monday night and strangled her. Gold jewelery weighing eight pounds was stolen. Police have launched an investigation to track down the suspect.

The shopkeeper was beaten to death

Another murder was reported from Thirumullaivoyal police jurisdiction on Monday evening. A 48-year-old man who ran a cloth shop was beaten to death by his brother-in-law. The victim was identified as Gunasekaran from Ravindran Nagar in Thirumullaivoyal near Avadi. On Monday night, he came to his father-in-law’s house and scolded his 52-year-old brother-in-law Ganeshan for being unemployed. The two had a heated conversation. Ganeshan was annoyed by this rebuke and hit Gunasekaran with a log. Gunasekaran, who was seriously injured, died on the spot. Police arrested Ganeshan.

suspected of murder

A 30-year-old man died under suspicious circumstances after he was slightly assaulted by a bike-riding duo who snatched his mobile phone from him near Chembarambakkam lake on Monday night under Kundrathur police jurisdiction. The victim, identified as Rajesh from Arcot in Villupuram district, came with his family to work in a brick kiln at Therkumaleambakkam near Kundrathur to repay a loan. On Monday night, when he was heading to the shores of Chembarambakkam lake to attend nature’s call, two men on a bike stopped him and tried to snatch his mobile phone. When he resisted their attempts, they struck him with the hilts of their knives near his eyebrows. He is undergoing treatment at a private hospital. After returning home, he complained of chest pains and later died after being treated in hospital. Police said the cause of death could only be determined after receiving the post-mortem report. Police have registered a case of suspicious death and are trying to trace the suspects.



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