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Finally, people are watching Mrs. Weber!

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yes mrs webb A good movie? Frankly, this is still a tough question, but as a Already admired very much it is Commitment to a very specific point Since it was first posted earlier this year, I’ve been a little disappointed that so few people have given Cassie Webb a chance because of things like “They I heard it’s badexist this website even. But at least that seems to be slowly changing.

The best and only Marvel movie coming out in 2024 so far Enter Netflixand this week, mrs webb Climbing all the way to third place in the top 10 of Nielsen’s official streaming rankings—— type The brisk 116-minute film has reportedly been watched for a whopping 1.2 billion minutes. Don’t ask me to do the division and try to extrapolate the overall view from there. I am a enjoyer Sony Pictures Marvel Universe of Characters Movie mrs webb, do you think this shows that I’m good at basic math? Whatever it is, plenty of people are watching it, as is the case with other pop culture forces like the latest season of bridgeton, Grey’s Anatomyand Bluey. Where Cassie Webb belongs, alongside the greats!

Whether these people will see it or not mrs webbThe vision of so many movies being streamed isn’t exactly what I care about. What if you had a fun, bad time? Welcome, there are dozens of us! What if you had a bad, horrible time? sorry, Deadpool and Wolverine It’s coming out next month. But hey, at least you tried: that’s more opportunities than most people give mrs webb at the box office.

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