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Farmers demand inclusion of urea and chemical fertilizers in kuruvai packs

Farmer representatives in Thanjavur district have sought inclusion of urea and chemical fertilizers in the Special Plan for Delta Kuruvai Cultivation 2024.

Participating in a monthly agriculture grievance meeting in Thanjavur on Friday, they pointed out that small farmers benefited in the past as urea/fertilizers were Kuruai pack. But this time, those who resort to mechanized sowing alone will benefit from the Rs 4,000 per acre scheme.

He said that a large number of farmers cannot enjoy this benefit and the possibility of “misappropriation of funds” cannot be ruled out.

G. Srinivasan, a progressive farmer of Ganapathi Agraharam, said that the enumeration of the beneficiary farmers of the scheme has not started yet and he wanted to know whether the financial assistance of Rs 4,000 per acre for mechanized sowing will be deposited in the bank accounts of farmers or distributed in the form of cash.

He said urea/fertilizers were sought to be included in the scheme and if implementation of the scheme was delayed, tokens could be issued to farmers to withdraw fertilizers from cooperative agencies and the amount could be settled directly by the state government.

V. Jeevakumar of Budalur said the amount in the package should not be paid in cash.

Farmers have also demanded a minimum support price of Rs 3,000 per quintal of paddy.



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