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Fallout 76’s next free expansion will be released on June 12

This seems like a missed opportunity Microsoft and Bethesda to avoid generating new radiation game ready to take advantage TV series adapted successfully. However, Bethesda does have Fallout 76 At least it’s ready, and the multiplayer RPG’s latest expansion is just days away from release.

Publisher reveals Skyline Valley expansion Xbox Game Showcase on Sunday. This DLC expands the map to a new area called Shenandoah for the first time. The telethon-themed trailer gives you a sneak peek at some of what’s to come. For example, you’ll be able to explore the remains of Vault 63 and try to understand what happened to its inhabitants. As you might expect, there are also ghouls to deal with. The trailer ends with a spicy tease that, starting early next year, you’ll actually be able to play as a ghoul.

Fallout 76 have A rough debut, but by all accounts, the game has gotten better and better over time (following in the footsteps of other Bethesda games). Like other Fallout games, the game’s player base increased significantly after the Prime Video show launched. On Steam only, the average number of players online at the same time Soared nearly five times It increased from 5,975 in March to 25,673 in April.

There are so many new and returning players enjoying the game, and it’s great that they don’t have to wait long to see and do more. Skyrim Valley, free Fallout 76 Players on all platforms will log in on June 12th.



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