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DIY Shell Shadow Box | Centennial Style

The Florida gulf coast where we live has many white sand beaches, many of which are perfect for collecting shells. Over two years I collected a collection of seashells during my walks on the beach and was inspired to create art in the classic shadow box format.

This framed shell art project is super easy to put together, all you need is a set of shells (or you can use sea glass too) and a shadow box. I had three sources, local beaches in Florida, various sources that I purchased on Amazon, and shells cut from a shop on Etsy.

My shell source:

Beach walks here in Florida

These mixed shells on amazon

tibia shell from essie

source: White frame shadow box set / tibia shell slices / Shell varieties

I played with some shell arrangements, sitting on the linen background creating different shell combinations, drinking coffee and just relaxing.

I ended up choosing a spiral pattern of sliced ​​tibia shells and a grid pattern of pink and white scallop shells.

Once I had a layout I liked, I applied a dab of hot glue to the back of the shells to secure them to the linen background.

Eventually I think these will end up on the narrow wall next to the master bedroom dresser, but for now I have them displayed in our kitchen.

Retail versions can be expensive, running into the hundreds of dollars. Find a few below for further inspiration!

Ceramic Barn Shell Shadow Box

translucent shell set

White shell shadow box

A pair of pearlescent shells

Circle pattern shadow box

If you collected seashells from your beach vacation, you can recreate this project or buy natural seashells online, Amazon and etsi All are good sources.



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