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Coimbatore police rescue kidnapped goldsmith and nephew in Sivaganga

City police rescued a goldsmith and his nephew working in his workshop who were abducted by a group of people in RS Puram limits earlier this week at the behest of aggrieved customers in Sivaganga.

Senthil Kumar (40) and Vishnuvasan (22) from Ponarayapuram did not return home after going out for their car. Vishnuvasan’s mother Sudha later received a ransom call through a WhatsApp number. The caller demanded Rs 4.2 million for the release of her son and brother. Sudha has lodged a complaint with RS Puram police.

A team led by Deputy Commissioner of Police Saravanakumar camped in Sivaganga district and arrested Dhanbal, Marimuthu, Hariharan, Ka Karthick, Kootu Karthick and Karthick Raja.

Police sources said they admitted to carrying out the mission on the instructions of one Mangayarkarisi, who was unhappy about a deal. It is learned that when Mangayarkarisi took the gold bangles provided by Senthilkumar to the bank for pledge, they were declared fake.

Sources added that the abduction was carried out due to financial pressure faced by Mangyakarisi. Police are looking for Mangayakarisi, Dhanasekar and several other accomplices.



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