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Anya Taylor-Joy focuses on this segment of Fury Road in preparation for Furiosa

Over the next two weeks, I guarantee many of us will have at least two great times together.This is because, in Furiosa: Crazy Max Stormymany of us spend time rewatch Mad Max: Fury Road. George Miller’s 2015 film became an all-time classic almost instantly, and a rewatch will add valuable context to the latest version, as well as two hours of pure cinematic fun.

Anya Taylor-Joy, The actress who took over the role of Furiosa From Charlize Theron, Also watched it again Mad Max: Fury Road Before making Furiosa, but only once. Beyond that, she focuses on and rewatches specific parts of the movie over and over again for specific reasons.

fury road is one of my favorite movies, and I watched it about once a year before I made the movie because I needed to get it into my DNA,” Taylor-Joy told io9 this week. “But I really didn’t want to copy it. Charlize and myself both felt something wasn’t right. But I did watch the first 10 minutes fury road Learn about filmmaking over and over again. This is a very different movie. Lens lengths vary greatly. The camera movement is very different, but it still helps to understand how it all stitches together when you have three units constantly capturing content. It makes you understand more about the world.

It may seem strange to focus on one part of a movie to get to know the director, but there’s a good reason for it.Even though Taylor-Joy starred in witch,split, and Last night in Soho, All made by great directors, George Miller is a completely different experience. “I like to describe this movie as being painted by George. And I really mean ‘painted,’ because that’s how he created these scenes, these sets,” Taylor-Joy said. “We have three units running all the time and he’s on top of each unit. He’ll probably be working with Chris (Hemsworth) on the main unit. I’ll be on the second unit. I do a bunch of stunts or Filmed some stunts and then he called and said, ‘Yeah, I love it, but we actually need you to do it again, with the helmet an inch higher. It’s very, very impressive. .

And, hopefully, the audience will be impressed Furiosa: The Mad Max Story Opened on May 24th. Mad Max: Fury Road (And other mad max movies) are streaming, Appropriate enough, Max.

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