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Amazon unearths Echo Spot from its product line’s dumpster

Amazon has Introducing the new Echo Spot before prime day. This is very similar original echo point The product was launched in 2017 as Discontinued after two years Except the front is now divided into a dome-shaped display and speakers.

Amazon says the new model has better sound and a sharper display. Time will tell if a reboot will encounter the same issues Screen flickering problem as its predecessor. Other than that, the concept is more or less the same: it’s a simple smart alarm clock that, via Alexa integration, can manage simple tasks like providing a weather forecast or playing during playback from a streaming app of your choice. Display song title during music.

Arguably, the best part about the new Echo Spot is that it doesn’t have a camera. The original model had one built in, which was useful for video chatting, but not everyone was keen on having a camera next to their bed.

The Echo Spot’s casing is available in black, glacier white, and ocean blue, and the display can be customized in six hues: magenta, violet, orange, lime, cyan, or blue, which can be mixed and matched with a variety of clock faces. The Echo Spot sells for $80, which is $50 cheaper than the original model. If you’re a Prime member, you can purchase it for $45 through Prime Day.



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