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Amazon is reportedly developing a new artificial intelligence chatbot

Amazon is said to be developing a new chatbot codenamed “Metis” business insider Report, citing an internal document and unnamed sources familiar with the project. It will be powered by a new AI model from Olympus, not the one previously released by Amazon titan.

For Metis, Amazon is reportedly aiming to use a technology called Retrieval enhancement generation (rag). As the company describes it, RAG “redirects LLM to retrieve relevant information from authoritative, predetermined knowledge sources. Organizations have greater control over the text output generated, and users gain insight into how LLM generates responses.”

Basically, RAG allows the system to retrieve data other than preloaded information from sources such as APIs and document repositories. This data can be updated individually without retraining the model, and can allow the model to access the latest information, thereby providing more accurate and clear responses (ideally).

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy Rohit Prasad, chief scientist and senior vice president of its AGI team, works directly on Metis’ development. The team also reportedly includes a number of experienced Alexa AI staff, whose work on Metis appears to draw from their work on the upcoming “Excellent Alex“Voice assistant.

Amazon tentatively plans to release Metis in September, a time when the company typically holds product launches. However, one of the sources said: “I guess technically it will work, but the question is whether it’s too late.” OpenAI debuts ChatGPT At the end of November 2022, Google launched Bard (Now known as Gemini) in March 2023 – just to name two of the big players Amazon will face. Amazon’s Titan isn’t as powerful as its rivals, although the company has been working to attract more customers through options like a business-focused model. ask.

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