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Amazon Freevee adds scary AI-generated men to 12 Angry Men poster

classic movie 12 angry people It is so named because it tells the story of a jury of 12 men. But viewers recently noticed that the images Amazon used for the film featured more than a dozen characters. Furthermore, their Melted, inhuman face It looks like they might be someone’s sleep paralysis monster. The horrific quality of the characters’ faces is just one element that demonstrates the use of artificial intelligence to produce the imagery. Their deformed clawed hands are another example, along with other obvious artifacts of artificial intelligence in the photo.

It has been verified that Amazon did not use the artificial intelligence-generated images for the Prime Video version of this classic film. Some viewers pointed out that only the AI ​​version of the movie poster can be seen online. free dimension, Amazon’s ad-free streaming service. according to AV Club, the company used a different poster on Freevee due to licensing issues. Apparently, Freevee has been given the go-ahead to stream 12 angry people from a third party that also provided images of the film. It’s unclear why the third party hasn’t made any of the film’s official posters available for use, but Freevee is reportedly working on replacing the AI-generated posters.

The audience also called before Amazon uses what looks like artificial intelligence images to tease its fall out TV show. Given that the use of generative AI could potentially save companies money – as we all know they are driven by profit – we may have to get used to seeing TV and movie posters and marketing materials ranging from the bizarre to the nightmarish-fueled and beyond. .



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