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Aloy gets the LEGO treatment in Horizon Adventures

this Summer Game Festival Live Display It’s a blast at first – depending on how much you like Aloy and LEGO games. LEGO Horizon Adventurederivative products of guerrilla games horizon seriesyes Coming to PS5 and PC this holiday season. Oh, and it’s coming to Nintendo Switch, too.

For the first time, you’ll be able to play Horizon games in local or online co-op. It looks like this version will also retell some of the mainline game’s story, albeit with a lot of digital bricks. While Aloy is often funny in Horizon’s two main series, she’s usually deadpan. It’ll be interesting to see how this lines up with the offbeat humor typical of LEGO games.

LEGO Stealth Traveler stories don’t cover that here. Instead, Guerilla is working on horizon adventure Working with Studio Gobo, the team has helped develop a variety of games Hogwarts Legacy and for honor.

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